Flutter VS React Native

Flutter VS React Native

The battle between the two technologies is ongoing. Both technologies have received mixed reviews. Today we will compare both of this new technologies

Why Flutter?


1. Same UI used on all platforms

When it comes to frameworks, its only flutter which allows sharing of both UI and UI code. This thing allows apps to look like native and being very simple at the same time. The rendering process which flutter has makes it stand out among other platforms.

2. Time-to-Market Speed is Higher

The frameworks of flutter function quickly and efficiently as compared to other. So the number of hours required in development are less in Flutter. The reason is the time saved in writing platform-specific code.

3. Similar to Native App Performance

When using complex UI animations, it gets difficult to distinguish a Flutter based app and any other native app. This is the beauty of Flutter.

Why React Native?


1. Save time and money

React native comes with a number of libraries which are opensourse. These libraries have pre bulit components which help you speed up your development speed.

2. Add third-party plugins

React native also provide you the facility to integrate third-party plug-ins as well as API's. These inlcudes payments , maps and much more.

3. Similar to Native Apps

Another advantage of react native is similar to flutter which is its ability to build cross-platform apps which look entirely as native. The reason is the usage of Javascript components in it which are built on both android and iOS components.


Both the technologies favour a single code base that is implentable on both IOS and android devices. React Native and Flutter also require less effort in codding and apps can be launched very quickly even on small buget. Both the technologies have their strengths and weaknesses somwhere. React Native has currently a huge market because of its earlier launch. On the other hand Flutter is the biggest competitior of React Native because of its easy functionaltites.Currently both are winners!